Hard Rain’s Gonna Fall means something’s gonna happen...

The Hard Rain film was launched on DVD at the opening of the Hard Rain exhibition in Copenhagen on 6 December 2009 – the eve of the much heralded COP 15 United Nations Climate Conference, which completely failed on its promise to deliver a meaningful post-Kyoto global climate agreement.

The film opens with a rare live version of Bob Dylan performing "A Hard Rain’s A-Gonna Fall" at Carnegie Hall, New York. Photographs from around the world illustrate every line of Bob Dylan’s prophetic song (see video clip above), setting the scene for a moving and unforgettable replica watches exploration of the state of our planet and its people at this critical time.


The film is accompanied by a booklet containing a specially commissioned essay by Lloyd Timberlake. The Urgency of Now cuts through the muddled thinking and failed policies that have delayed a radically new worldwide approach to climate change, the wasteful use of resources, poverty, habitat loss and species extinction.

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