FATHER AND CHILD, INDIA. Haryana State, Rewari Village. Portrait of a father and his children.   CDREF00010HOMELESSNESS, INDIA. New Dellhi. Homeless children selling balloons outside a McDonald s restaurant advertisment.   CDREF00010RESEARCH, MALAYSIA. Teluk Kalung. Intertidal surveys check species variety and abundance at out flow of Tioxide factory. CDREF00424.SLASH AND BURN CULTIVATORS CHILD, BRAZIL. Amazon, vicinity Maraba. Migrant slash and burn farmers clear land to plant crops. The land usually remains fertile for only a few years. Many children suffer bouts of malaria and other illnesses peculiar to the jungle. Settlers count such problems among the many rigours of the frontier. CDREF00323MAHOGANY TREE PLANTATION,BRAZIL. Rondonia, Amazon. 3 year old mahogany trees. It takes 25 years to grow mahogany trees big enough to log. CDREF00307
ONCHOCERIASIS, IVORY COAST. Vicinity Odienne. Farmer blinded by river blindness. This disease has now been brought under control in West Africa by WHOs OCP programme. CDREF00405 .FARMING, INDIA. Assam. Weeding Jute crop. Jute is used to make hessian. This photograph was commissioned by the Shell Foundation. CDREF00046COMMUNICATIONS, INDIA. Andhra Pradesh, Rishi Valley. Men reading newspapers. CDREF00432ROAD KILL, AUSTRALIA. A dead kangaroo in Western Queensland. CDREF00200COLLECTING WATER, BURKINA FASO. Silmiougou Village. Mother carrying water back to her home. CDREF00215
HEALTH, BANGLADESH. Dhaka. A young child receiving treatment, being examined by a healthworker, at this Diarrhoea hospital. CDREF00036MOTHER & CHILDREN, GHANA. CDREF00213NEW FOREST - AUSTRALIA. Western Australia. After bauxite mining, Alcoas rehabilitation results in re-establishment of all forest tree species and 80 percent of all other forest plants. CDREF00549.WORKSHOP, BURKINA FASO. Ougadougou. Radio repair workshop. CDREF00215VILLAGE LIFE, BURKINA FASO. Kalsaka Village. Market. CDREF00215
FATHER AND CHILD, INDIA. Haryana State, Rewari Village. Portrait of a father and his children. CDREF00010
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The Hard Rain Picture Library presents a wide selection of images illustrating social and environmental issues and nature. The initial selection of images is drawn from the UNEP picture archive, and images are available for UNEP and UN staff to download for a small fee. The library will be expanded in the near future, and available to all, and we are seeking funding to allow free downloads for educational use.

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