RURAL LIFE, PHILIPPINES. Northern Sierra Madre National Park. Agta or Dumagat people. Smoking and drying squid. CDREF00216BOLIVIA - LA PAZ. Ingprocon. Manufacturing industrial heating equipment. Small businesses are thought to generate about 25% of Latin Americas GNP. CDREF00559.CUBA - SMOKING EXHAUST, Havana. Badly maintained vehicles create a serious pollution problem. CDREF00578.SAMUEL DAM, BRAZIL. Vicinity Porto Velho. The reservoir extends over 100km and has drowned millions of trees in the Amazon. It is estimated that Brazil could produce 40% of its electricity from the Amazon. CDREF00307REFORESTATION, AUSTRALIA. Western Australia, Darling Range, Jarrahdale Mine, vicinity Perth. Reforestation of bauxite mines by Alcoa of Australia. The Darling Range is a water catchment area for Perth. A network of reservoirs along rivers provide the city with most of its water. Rehabilitation of the mined areas involves the construction of specially prepared waterways to control the run-off and soil erosion which might effect river systems. CDREF00542.
CUBA - VEGETABLE MARKET, Havana. All vegetables are organically grown in Cuba because the government cannot afford to import fertilizers and pesticides. CDREF00578.MINING, PHILIPPINES. Diwalwal. Gold miner at the face of the tunnel mining gold at an illegal gold mine. CDREF00029HOMELESS TEENAGERS, NICARAGUA. Managua. Teenage couple with their one year old baby living opposite the houses of parliament in a park. CDREF00133 .MIGRANTS TO MEXICO CITY. New migrants, sometimes referred to as parachutists , move into the outskirts of Mexico City everyday putting pressure on transport and other services. They build temporary shelter and try to establish ownership of the land. This photograph was commissioned by the Shell Foundation to illustrate the WRI Embarq Program to develop and implement a broad programme of work on environment and transport in Mexico City.   CDREF00003WATER TAP, NEPAL. Kathmandu. CDREF00194
BRAZIL, Amazon, Galera Caves - Nambicuara boy. CDREF00828TUBERCULOSIS WARD, CAMEROON. Laquintinie hospital, Douala. CDREF00219RURAL LIFE, INDIA. Andrha Pradesh, Rishi Valley. Girl collecting crop residue in a very large basket to use as compost. She carries the basket on her head. CD REF 00018 CDREF00018SCHMIDHEINY, COSTA RICA. San Jose. Dr Stephen Schmidheiny speaking at the opening ceremony of the new FUNDES headquarters. Small businesses are thought to generate about 25% of Latin America s G.N.P. CDREF00243HINDUISM, NEPAL. Kathmandu. Portrait fo a Sadhu, Hindu holyman, with tilaka on his forehead, a colourful powder used in religious ceremonies. CDREF00013
RURAL LIFE, PHILIPPINES. Northern Sierra Madre National Park. Agta or Dumagat people. Smoking and drying squid. CDREF00216
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