CHILD LABOUR, BRAZIL. Amazon. Charcoal producer. Throughout history charcoal makers have been badly paid and work in very unhealthy conditions. CDREF00323WESTERN AUSTRALIA. Darling Range, Jarrahdale mine, Vicinity Perth. Aboriginies changed the landscape by using fire to open up the forest. Species of trees and shrubs resistant to fire damage colonized the forests. Fire actually assist some seeds to germinate. CDREF00542.VILLAGE LIFE, BANGLADESH. Woman collecting water from river. CDREF00223CHILDREN, PHILIPPINES. Northern Sierra Madre National Park. Agta or Dumagat people. CDREF00216CUBA - Vinales. Harvesting tobacco to be used to make cigars. CDREF00578.
VILLAGE LIFE, BANGLADESH. Mobarakdi village, Matlab district. Hashina Akhtar talking to a friend while she prepares breakfast for her family. She is a community health worker. She gives child nutrition and family planning advice. She also deals with minor medical problem and shows mothers how to mix and administer oral rehydration fluids to treat childhood diarrhoea. CDREF00557.COMMODITIES, CUBA. Vinales. - Farmer and tobacco crop. - S085-3. CATREF02STREET MARKET, SRI LANKA. Plastic goods for sale at local market. CDREF00524. .HOMELIFE, NIGER (West Africa). Tahoua village. Elderly woman grinding flour. CDREF00544.MANGROVE FOREST, THAILAND. Krabi Province. Since 1960 50% of Thailands Mangrove forests have been destroyed, mostly by shrimp farms. CDREF00235
MIGRANTS TO THE AMAZON, BRAZIL. Vicinity Paragominas. Slash and burn farming families. CDREF00242CHILD LABOUR, BANGLADESH. Dhaka. Child labour workers in a sweatshop. CDREF00036ONCHOCERIASIS, IVORY COAST. Bouake. WHO River Blindness programme - OCP research lab. Examining black flies, the vector for river blindness. CDREF00405 .JONATHAN PORRITT, PORTRAIT. Chairman of the UK Sustainable Development Commission. CDREF00217ITALY, Alps. Pian Della Regina, Crissolo vicinity Saluzzo. Tumbling down the steep mountain side, the clear, fresh waters at the head of the River Po bring life to a marvellous variety of alpine flowers. The upper Po valley lost two thirds of its inhabitants, most of whom migrated to Turin early in the sixties. Now, very little affects the quality of the water for the first 20 Km, then a dam for hydrolelectric energy leaves the river virtually dry. CDREF00553.
CHILD LABOUR, BRAZIL. Amazon. Charcoal producer. Throughout history charcoal makers have been badly paid and work in very unhealthy conditions. CDREF00323
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