WOMAN, INDIA. New Delhi. Woman in a purdah. CDREF00024WATER, BURKINA FASO. Yatenga Province, Kalsaka village. A child is given water by his mother who has walked 7km to a pond to collect it. It is muddy & dirty.It is filtered through a piece of rag. CDREF00372AIDS, IVORY COAST. Gbetitapea village, Daloa Town. Funeral procession for a woman who died of aids. CDREF00227FAMILY, PHILIPPINES. Cebu City. Mother and baby. These families

are too poor to buy homes inland with access to clean water. They

are forced to build makeshift houses along estuaries which are

flooded for six to eight months a year. There is no sanitation

system and rubbish is dumped in the water. Many people in the

community are affected by diarrhoea, tuberculosis and dengue

WOMEN, INDIA. Andhra Pradesh, Rishi valley. CDREF00433COMMUNICATIONS, INDIA. Andhra Pradesh, Rishi Valley. Men reading newspapers. CDREF00432AID, BURKINA FASO. Abandoned bulldozer supplied as part of a road-building aid project. S098-2. CDREF00215 HardRainGERMANY - MANUFACTURING LIGHT BULBS. The glass bulbs or casings are produced using a ribbon machine. Precisely aligned air nozzles blow the glass through holes in a conveyor belt into molds, creating the casings. A ribbon machine moving at top speed can produce more than 50,000 bulbs per hour. After the casings are blown, they are cooled and then cut off of the ribbon machine. CDREF00592.SHETLAND ISLANDS - OIL DISASTER. Bird killed by oil contamination. On 5th January 1993, the oil tanker the Braer ran aground in the Shetland Islands spilling 85,000 tonnes of light crude oil. However, every single day of the year, roughly one-tenth of the amount of oil abroad the Braer is quite deliberately flushed into the worlds seas and oceans by ships cleaning out the tanks and bilges. CDREF00566.
KOSOVO (1999). Pristina. Portrait of a man. CDREF00597.CHILDREN MAKING CARPETS - INDIA. Baaseli village, Rajasthan State. Children making carpets for export. CDREF00426TROPICAL FOREST, BALI. CDREF00228RAINFOREST - THAILAND. Krabi Province. Lowland semi-evergreen rainforest. The jungle is rapidly being destroyed by migrants who need land to farm. CDREF00235AIR POLLUTION, MEXICO. Mexico City. On most days a brownish haze composed of 11,000 tons of pollutants hangs over the city. 83% is produced by cars. Human excrement which dries to dust is also trapped in the air along with factory emissions. CDREF00370
WOMAN, INDIA. New Delhi. Woman in a purdah. CDREF00024
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