HOMELESS CHILD, NICARAGUA. Managua. Homeless child addicted to glue sniffing living in a park opposite the houses of parliament. CDREF00133 .SLUM, COTE D IVOIRE. Abidjan. Environmental refugees from Kalsaka village, Burkina Faso, living in a city slum. CDREF00263CAR RESTRICTIONS, MEXICO CITY. Hoy No Circulation is a scheme to force car owners to keep their vehicles off the road one day a week. Each car has to display a coloured patch which tells the owner, and the police which day is no car day. CDREF00370FAMILY, PHILIPPINES. Cebu City. Mother and baby. These families

are too poor to buy homes inland with access to clean water. They

are forced to build makeshift houses along estuaries which are

flooded for six to eight months a year. There is no sanitation

system and rubbish is dumped in the water. Many people in the

community are affected by diarrhoea, tuberculosis and dengue

fever. CDREF00198ONCHOCERIASIS, IVORY COAST. Bouake. WHO River Blindness prevention - measuring children to determine correct dose for ivermectin tablets. The dots on the pole indicates correct dose. CDREF00405 .
HISTORIC LANDMARK, MEXICO CITY CENTRE. Plaza de la Constitution - Market outside the Cathedral. CDREF00370CHILD, BURKINA FASO. Kaya village. Portrait. CDREF00215REFORESTATION, AUSTRALIA. Western Australia, Darling Range, Jarrahdale Mine, vicinity Perth. Reforestation of bauxite mines by Alcoa of Australia. Meter by meter survey of a mined site one year after seeding to check on germination of species. If the correct proportion of shrubs and trees are not present, further applications of seeds will be made. CDREF00542.BRAZIL, Amazon Rainforest - Surui boy. CDREF00828FAMILY PLANNING, BANGLADESH. Mobarakdi village, Matlab district. Hashina Akhtar giving a three-monthly injection of the contraceptive Depro-Provera. She is a community health worker. She gives child nutrition and family planning advice. She also deals with minor medical problem and shows mothers how to mix and administer oral rehydration fluids to treat childhood diarrhoea. CDREF00557.
CHILDREN, IVORY COAST. Gbetitapea village, Daloa Town. Children in traditional dress. CDREF00227FAMILY PLANNING LECTURE, BHUTAN. Bumthang. Monks from Bjakar Dzong give women lecturesily planning. The government has insisted that the monks are involved in the countrys developme. CDREF00375HOMELIFE - MONTEVIDEO, URUGUAY. Middle-class families. CDREF00530.SILK, INDIA. Rishi Valley. Silkworms in tray showing silk threads. CDREF00432TRAVELLING CIRCUS, INDIA. CDREF00425
HOMELESS CHILD, NICARAGUA. Managua. Homeless child addicted to glue sniffing living in a park opposite the houses of parliament. CDREF00133 .
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