CUBA - Havana. Public phone. CDREF00578.REFORESTATION, AUSTRALIA. Western Australia, Darling Range, Jarrahdale Mine, vicinity Perth. Almost all of the Jarrah forest has been logged several times, since settlers arrived in Australia, except a few patches like this shown in the photo. Alcoas mining operations are in secondary forest which has been carefully assessed by the Companies Environmental Group who ensure that steps are taken to minimise the impact of the mining operations. CDREF00542.ITALY, Po Delta. Saluzzo, vicinity Cuneo. Modern irrigation systems help farmers in the Po valley to produce some of the Worlds highest yields per hectare. Water taken from the Po for farming has rocketed to 18 billion cubic meters a year, about 36% of all water consumption in Italy. CDREF00553.STREET MARKET, MEXICO CITY. Zocalo Square. This photograph was commissioned by the Shell Foundation to illustrate the WRI Embarq Program to develop and implement a broad programme of work on environment and transport in Mexico City.   CDREF00003ITALY, Po Delta. Crissolo vicinity Saluzzo. Alpine flora growing in meadows near the source of the river Po. Martagon lily (Lilium Martagon) - rare plant. CDREF00553.
COMMUNICATIONS, INDIA. Andhra Pradesh, Rishi Valley. Men reading newspapers. CDREF00432ONCHOCERIASIS, IVORY COAST. Bouake. WHO River Blindness programme - OCP research lab. Examining black flies, the vector for river blindness. CDREF00405 .REFORESTATION, AUSTRALIA. Western Australia, Darling Range, Jarrahdale Mine, vicinity Perth. Reforestation of bauxite mines by Alcoa of Australia. Topsoil being spread on mined areas. When the bauxite has been removed, the land is reshaped to blend in its surrounding forest. Contour banks, dykes and specially prepared waterways are built to control run-off and soil erosion. Finally, topsoil is spread and seed supplied. CDREF00542.BOLIVIA. Forest Canopy. CDREF00559.SLUMS, MEXICO CITY, Borde de Vias Colony. The inhabitants here migrated from the country when their land eroded and ws no longer productive. poor people from poor farming land arrive at the city at the rate of 1000 a day. CDREF00370
FATHER AND CHILD, INDIA. Haryana State, Rewari Village. Portrait of a father and his child, young girls behind them.   CDREF00010EDUCATION, PHILIPPINES. Manila. Payatas school. Many of the

pupils parents are scavengers on the nearby landfill site.

CDREF00198TROPICAL FOREST, BALI. CDREF00228AGRICULTURE, BURKINA FASO. Silmiougou Village. Harvesting sorghum - men cut the plant and women gather the seed heads. CDREF00215KOSOVO (1999) - FRUIT AND VEGETABLE MARKET. Pristina. Stall of varied vegetables (eggplants, cauliflower, parsley and onion) CDREF00597.
CUBA - Havana. Public phone. CDREF00578.
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