SQUID FISHING, PHILIPPINES. Northern Sierra Madre National Park. Agta or Dumagat people. CDREF00216TRANSPORT, INDIA. Delhi. Transporting goods in a cycle rickshaw.   CDREF00010COMMUNICATIONS, INDIA. Andhra Pradesh, Rishi Valley. Men reading newspapers. CDREF00432HONG KONG, First Street - A gang member smoking heroin through a matchbox. CDREF00828PREGNANCY & BIRTH BURKINA FASO. Yatenga Province. - Mother breastfeeding her newborn baby. Niftine Sawadogo in 1988. To see her 10 years later enter SP1051099 in the keyword box. S129-1. CDREF00018 CATREF02
ITALY. Technological waste like this pile of cars retains lead, mercury, oils, acids and ozone destroying CFCs until the metal has corroded and leakage begins. Encouraged by a powerful automobile industry, Italians tend to change their car often. CDREF00553.TEA TASTING, INDONESIA. CDREF00230EDUCATION, INDIA. Delhi. Young men being taught how to use computers at the Raghabir Nagar Community Centre.   CDREF00010COOKING, INDIA. Assam. A woman using crop residue as fuel for cooking. Women exposed to smoke from these cooking stoves are likely to suffer serious lung diseases. The stoves are very inefficient and waste appx 70% of the heat. This photograph was commissioned by the Shell Foundation. CDREF00046SLUM - DELHI, INDIA. CDREF00526.
KOSOVO (1999) - FRUIT AND VEGETABLE MARKET. Pristina. Plastic bags of carrots. CDREF00597.FAMILY - NIGER. CDREF00189FUELWOOD, NIGERIA. Young boy carrying fuelwood on his head. CDREF00305ITALY, Alps. Pian Della Regina, Crissolo vicinity Saluzzo. Tumbling down the steep mountain side, the clear, fresh waters at the head of the River Po bring life to a marvellous variety of alpine flowers. The upper Po valley lost two thirds of its inhabitants, most of whom migrated to Turin early in the sixties. Now, very little affects the quality of the water for the first 20 Km, then a dam for hydrolelectric energy leaves the river virtually dry. CDREF00553.PREPARING HASH LEAVES - INDIA. Bihar State, Madhubani Village. The leaves are ground and the pulp arred to water, and then drunk. CDREF00241
SQUID FISHING, PHILIPPINES. Northern Sierra Madre National Park. Agta or Dumagat people. CDREF00216
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