VEGETABLE GARDENING, CAMEROON. SW Province, Mount Kupe - Nyasoso. CDREF00220CARNIVAL, DENMARK, Copenhagen. CDREF00373 HARDRAINAGRICULTURE, INDIA. Andhra Pradesh, Chittoor District, Rishi Valley. Collecting fodder to feed cows. CDREF00433HOMELESS TEENAGER, NICARAGUA. Managua. Teenage girl sexually abused by her father living in a park opposite the houses of parliament. She is a prostitute and addicted to glue sniffing. CDREF00133 .TENEMENT BLOCKS, ARGENTINA. Buenos Aires. Families living in overcrowded tenement blocks. CDREF00525.
CHILD LABOUR, INDIA. Haryana State. Child working in a brick factory.   CDREF00010ITALY, Po Delta. Crissolo vicinity Saluzzo. Alpine flora growing in meadows near the source of the river Po. Daisy. CDREF00553.ITALY, River Po. Sewage outflow. CDREF00553.HEALTH, BANGLADESH. Dhaka. A young child being examined by a healthworker using a stethascope, at this Diarrhoea hospital. CDREF00036CHILD LABOUR, BRAZIL. Amazon, Paragominas. Children extracting charcoal from the charcoal heap. Charcoal is also produced by the sawmills using mahogany offcuts. Children work 12 hour shifts about 2 dollars and 50 cents a week. The charcoal is used to smelt iron ore. CDREF00323
CITY SLUM, ARGENTINA. Buenos Aires. CDREF00525.YAKOUBA TRIBAL DANCE, IVORY COAST. Traditional dance. CDREF00405 .SLUM, INDIA. CDREF00194YOUNG WOMAN, INDIA. Delhi. Portrait of a young woman behind a veil.   CDREF00010FAST FOOD RESTAURANTS, THAILAND. Bangkok. CDREF00235
VEGETABLE GARDENING, CAMEROON. SW Province, Mount Kupe - Nyasoso. CDREF00220
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Hard Rain Picture Library

The Hard Rain Picture Library presents a wide selection of images illustrating social and environmental issues and nature. The initial selection of images is drawn from the UNEP picture archive, and images are available for UNEP and UN staff to replica orologi download for a small fee. The library will be expanded in the near future, and available to all, and we are seeking funding to allow free downloads for educational use.

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