HYDRO-ELECTRIC DAM, INDONESIA. CDREF00230CHILDREN, INDIA. Chhattera village. Sister minding baby. CDREF00190AGRICULTURE, INDONESIA. From the forest floor a women worker gathers the cocoa pods she has just harvested. CDREF00028BOLIVIA - LA PAZ. Ingprocon. Manufacturing industrial heating equipment. Small businesses are thought to generate about 25% of Latin Americas GNP. CDREF00559.KOSOVO (1999) - FRUIT AND VEGETABLE MARKET. Pristina. Plastic bags of carrots. CDREF00597.
SLUMS, PHILIPPINES. Cebu City.This family is too poor to buy

homes inland with access to clean water. They live over stagnant

water for six to eight months a year. This is a breeding ground

for mosquitos and poses a major health risk especially to

children.There is high incidence of diarrhoea, tuberculosis and

dengue fever. There's no main source of water or sanitation.

CDREF00199EDUCATION, PHILIPPINES. Manila. Payatas landfill site. Children

of rubbish scavengers at a drop-in educational centre funded by

actor Robert Redford. CDREF00198CHILDREN, IVORY COAST. Gbetitapea village, Daloa Town. Children in traditional dress. CDREF00227TREE NURSERY - THAILAND. Krabi Province. Local environmental group replant indigenous trees. CDREF00235ITALY. Ravenna harbour, Adriatic Sea. Fishermen landing their catch. This port, together with Porto Marghera, near Venice, is the stronghold of the oil industry in the Adriatic Sea. Most of the oil, 60,000 tons a year, contaminating the Adriatic Sea is discharged into the River Po. CDREF00553.
SHETLAND ISLANDS - OIL DISASTER. Volunteer collecting birds killed by oil contamination. On 5th January 1993, the oil tanker the Braer ran aground in the Shetland Islands spilling 85,000 tonnes of light crude oil. However, every single day of the year, roughly one-tenth of the amount of oil abroad the Braer is quite deliberately flushed into the worlds seas and oceans by ships cleaning out the tanks and bilges. CDREF00566.GAZA - Palestinian girl. CDREF00607.EROSION, ETHIOPIA. Damotweyde. Massive erosion in the south of the country. CDREF00047TEA TASTER, INDIA. Nilgiri Hills. CDREF00426TETZE FLY, COTE DIVOIRE. Vicinity Daloa, Guediboua village. Erecting Tetze fly screens made with impregnated cloth. The flys are attracted to blue & are killed by the cloth. CDREF00227
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