SLUM - MONTEVIDEO, URUGUAY. Families living in extreme poverty. CDREF00530.SCANDINAVIA - ENERGY EFFICIENT HOME. Sweden. Man in a verandah garden. Residential appliances and equipment are a significant source of energy demand and greenhouse gas emissions in OECD countries. By cost-effectively improving the energy efficiency of residential appliances, many countries could save some 322 million tonnes of CO2/year by 2010. The energy-efficient home retains the best environment for human habitation while minimizing the use and cost of energy. CDREF00587.STREET LIFE, ARGENTINA. Buenos Aires, Barrio San Jorge. Graffiti

of Jesus Christ. CDREF00207CAR RESTRICTIONS, MEXICO CITY. Hoy No Circulation is a scheme to force car owners to keep their vehicles off the road one day a week. Each car has to display a coloured patch which tells the owner, and the police which day is no car day. CDREF00370EDUCATION, INDIA. Andra Pradesh, Rishi Valley. Centre for New Education. Survey into childrens health & nutrition. CDREF00432
BOLIVIA - COCHABAMBA CITY. Anticuario Frances. Antique manufacturer and restorer guilding. Small businesses are thought to generate 25% of Latin Americas GNP. CDREF00559.LIVESTOCK, JORDAN. Portrait of a young boy and his sheep.   CDREF00005CHILD LABOUR, BANGLADESH. CDREF00194REFORESTATION, AUSTRALIA. Western Australia, Darling Range, Jarrahdale Mine, vicinity Perth. Reforestation of bauxite mines by Alcoa of Australia. Bauxite crusher. Bauxite comes out of this machine about the size of the marbles. It is loaded into trains up to 4 kilometers long and taken to the refinery where it is turned into alumina. Alumina is smelted into aluminium. Many of the airplanes manufactures by Boeing use aluminium mines in the Darling Range. CDREF00542.ITALY. River Po, vicinity Revello. A gypsy family camping in the bed of the Po. 18 billion cubic metres of water are extracted from the river, and in places, the river stops flowing completely. The gypsies have to collect water from a nearby village. CDREF00553.
ITALY, Alps. Pian Della Regina, Crissolo vicinity Saluzzo. Tumbling down the steep mountain side, the clear, fresh waters at the head of the River Po bring life to a marvellous variety of alpine flowers. The upper Po valley lost two thirds of its inhabitants, most of whom migrated to Turin early in the sixties. Now, very little affects the quality of the water for the first 20 Km, then a dam for hydrolelectric energy leaves the river virtually dry. CDREF00553.RELIGION, BHUTAN. Bumthang. Young monks reading prayers at Bjakar Dzong, Dzongs or monastaries are the repository of culture in Bhutan and play a vital role in the life of the country. Boys are admitted from the age of 8. CDREF00030DROUGHT, INDIA. Haryana State, Rewaril Village. Young girl carrying pot of water on her head. Villages collecting water from an emergency supply after a drought.   CDREF00010HOMELESS PEOPLE, BANGLADESH - Dacca. It is impossible to estimate the number of homeless people in Bangladesh. At night, the railway station fills up with single men and families. The less fortunate find shelter in doorways. Most will be unemployed and will have to beg or steal to buy food. CDREF00557.BRAZIL NUTS, BRAZIL. Belem docks. Sacks of pepper and Brazil nuts being loaded onto ships for export to Europe, Japan and USA. CDREF00255
SLUM - MONTEVIDEO, URUGUAY. Families living in extreme poverty. CDREF00530.
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