Making waves

Simon King

One of the goals of the People’s Postcode Lottery is to raise awareness of the need to protect our oceans. Through The Wildlife Trusts’ Living Seas campaign, it is supporting work locally and nationally to inspire people about marine wildlife, convincing the UK government to pass new laws to protect the sea and carrying out vital research to help protect sharks, dolphins, seals, corals and a host of rare and fragile habitats.

Marine conservation brings a number of challenges. It is very different from land-based action – we cannot buy the seabed and declare it a reserve; we cannot send teams of volunteers with cutters and bowsaws to prune back a kelp forest; or let loose “herds” of limpets to graze on an algal meadow.

Under 2009’s Marine and Coastal Access Act, the UK has committed itself to creating a network of Marine Protected Areas (MPAs). MPAs are a proven way of safeguarding important habitats and wildlife, allowing nature and our seas to recover and thrive, restricting human interventions and using the sea’s resources in an environmentally sound and sustainable way.

Our seas and sea life have a remarkable capacity to recover – but only if we give them a chance. Our generation could go down in history as the one that set our seas and oceans on the road to recovery.

Simon King is President of The Wildlife Trusts.

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