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Aligning human systems and natural systems

The underlying goal of all our work is to promote solutions that address the broad challenges of climate change, poverty eradication, environmental protection and sustainable consumption and production. We work with world renowned artists and scientists to bring our message to a wide public through exhibitions, books, films, talks and events.

At the heart of our activities are our outdoor exhibitions. In Hard Rain, launched in 2006, each line of Bob Dylan’s “A Hard Rain’s A-Gonna Fall” is illustrated with images that present global challenges in a moving and unforgettable way. More than 15 million people on every continent have viewed the display in principal cities, at universities around the world, and at the United Nations headquarters. One of the most successful photographic exhibitions ever created, it has attracted huge public and critical acclaim, along with the support and endorsement of political and environmental leaders across the world.

A new display,Whole Earth?,offers solutions in the areas of climate, energy, fresh water, oceans and agriculture, but also in areas such as human rights and economic rule-making. It proposes some new ways of thinking. And it gets personal: it wants to know what visitors are going to do now – now that they understand the problems and know that solutions are available. Whole Earth? is continually updated and is shown with Hard Rain, a vivid reminder of the price of inaction.

It’s a difficult project: if you give people too much “hard rain” you produce listless despair; if you give them too much talk of solutions, you create listless optimism. So while talking about orologi replica the problems, we remind people that solutions abound – solutions that must be scaled up if we are to avoid the tipping points that could irreversibly damage civilisation. And while talking about solutions, we remind people that if we do not act quickly we risk losing the opportunity to secure humanity’s future.

The exhibition supports a series of talks by cutting edge thinkers from science, environment, development and business.

As well as these educational activities, we also work to encourage governments of all political persuasions to develop policies that underpin sustainable development. The Hard Rain and Whole Earth? books and films have been widely distributed to decision makers in politics and business around the world and have led to a series of meetings hosted by MPs in Europe and Asia and at the UN in New York. However, our main contribution to policy change is our focus on generating widespread public support for the difficult, long-term decisions governments need to take now to protect our world for future generations.

Hard Rain Project is a not-for profit company established to campaign for realistic solutions to global problems.

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