Renewable at every level

“Renewable fuels should be used at every level, that’s our vision here in Norrköping,” says Jannica Schelin, Process Manager for Sustainable Transport in the municipality. “This means that all target groups will be included as we work for sustainable transport, from getting children to school to a transportation service for the elderly, garbage trucks, travel by municipal personnel and public transport. Much of this traffic is already running on biogas, ethanol and green electricity from water power, and we continue to work to make more transport sustainable. In this way we will have less impact on our climate, cleaner air, and a more pleasant city.

“We began making the transition from petrol and diesel to renewable fuels in 2003, and this has proven to be no more expensive. We have achieved environmental benefit without added costs, and Norrköping is becoming a more attractive city, with places for people to meet, socialize and live together.”

■ Half of Norrköping’s big school buses currently run on renewable fuel. Within the next year or so more new buses will be acquired, and they will all run on renewable fuel by 2014. All smaller vehicles providing transport for schoolchildren, the elderly and the disabled run on renewable fuel.

■ All city buses and trams also run on renewable fuel.

■ Norrköping is setting more stringent environmental requirements on its vehicles than the Swedish Transport Administration’s national recommendations.

■ The municipality has been working actively since 2005 to increase the percentage of sustainable transport systems.

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