We are proud to live here

Giovanna Brankovic
Chair of Sustainable Hilda housing cooperative, Rosengård

Our housing cooperative, now called Sustainable Hilda, has become a world-leading example of ecological restoration in an apartment block.

After a series of leaks in 2007, we had to change the pipe shafts and interior walls. When the restoration began, we thought ‘maybe we could do some more’, and the board of directors began to brainstorm new ideas.

Now we are undertaking some of the widest sustainable measures ever made in an existing housing complex. Carbon emissions will be reduced by 50 per cent by 2014. We have installed an energy-efficient, thermostat-controlled ventilation system and radiators. We are adding separate plumbing for food waste for biogas production, solar panels, a system for recycling rainwater to flush toilets, and residents have been trained as climate coaches to inspire their neighbours.

This is just a part of everything that happens at Sustainable Hilda. Our members are proud to live here. We are bringing down energy consumption and making a contribution to a better environment. And with time, it will also be economically profitable.

• The Hilda housing cooperative was established in 1969. With 767 apartments, it is the second largest in Malmö.

* Many tower blocks from the 1960s and '70s face the same major renovation challenges. Sustainable Hilda has gained a lot of attention, both nationally and internationally, for its climate-friendly refurbishment.

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