What Malmö is doing

Photography by Henrik Saxgren
Interviews by Mikael Ringman

Building sustainable cities is a global challenge. Malmö is at the cutting edge of sustainable urban development, and can therefore contribute to the successful adaptation model that needs to be highlighted and spread. By 2020, the City of Malmö will be climate neutral, and by 2030 the whole municipality will run on 100% renewable energy.

Malmö already has Sweden’s biggest windmill park. The city is also making big investments in solar energy and biogas. Malmö has the ambition to become a leading eco-city. To achieve this, a large number of people need to work towards a common goal. Interest in environmental issues among Malmö’s citizens, industry, organizations and other actors is what drives the city’s sustainable development forward.

HARD RAIN: What Malmö is doing is produced by Hard Rain Project for the City of Malmö
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