What Norrköping is doing

Photography: Henrik Saxgren
Interviews: Eva Lundgren Stenbom

We have embraced the challenge of reducing our impact on the environment, in order to achieve a long-term, sustainable society. Norrköping is among the leading municipalities in Sweden where environmental work is concerned, and now we are moving ahead with ambitious ventures in environmentally-sound energy solutions.

In partnership with companies, we are supporting the development of environmental technology, an area where we are already at the cutting edge. Besides issues of environmental impact, Norrköping is making it a priority to create conditions for a toxin-free environment as well as managing the problem of harmful algal blooms in local waterways.

The goal is that Norrköping will be at the forefront on climate issues, and that this must happen through close co-operation with those who live and work in the municipality. When everyone is pulling in the same direction we will reach the goal of a sustainable city, where quality of life and health are the foundations for our future wellbeing.

Here we focus on a few good examples of what is being done in Norrköping.

Produced by Hard Rain Project for the Municipality of Norrköping

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